Dig far enough down and I believe everyone has at least one unknown.

You might even have several. I certainly do.
Your unknown is a goal or idea that scares and intimidates you. You dream about accomplishing it, yet at the same time it feels too overwhelming or unrealistic.  
And so you put it off. For months. For years. Maybe even decades.
Perhaps your unknown calls to you so strongly that you haven’t completely set it aside. Maybe over the years you’ve actually made some progress.   
But you’re inconsistent and nowhere near to making your unknown a reality. It’s frustrating and discouraging.  
Yet take heart - you’re not alone.
My mission is to help you make tangible progress towards your unknown through at least one of three ways:
1. Inspire you to just start.
2. Encourage you to keep going when you want to give up.
3. Challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.
How do I plan on doing this? Through articles on the blog that document my own journey and experiments” we’ll do together.


As much as I enjoy reading and learning about goal setting, habit formation and other self-improvement topics, execution is what really counts. And experiments are all about taking action.
They involve practicing a specific tactic for a set period of time and are designed around two main concepts:
1. Your tactics + routines matter
There are certain lifestyle tactics and routines that will help you towards your unknown. The challenge lies in finding which ones work best for you. By participating in the experiments you'll be better equiped to identify what's most beneficial to your specific situation.
2. Focus on four key principles
Throughout each experiment we'll be applying the following principles which I believe are the cornerstones to realizing tangible progress:
❖  Start small
❖  Practice consistency
❖  Utilize the power of accountability
❖  Learn to love the process
Ready to join me and get started?